November 9, 2020

By-Appointment First Look!!!

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Thank you very much for expressing early interest in The Spot at East Village!  Because of your interest, we wanted to give you the first chance to see this building on November 21!
In order to stay compliant with all Covid-19 gathering restrictions as per the most recent guideline, we will be running the event on a strict, pre-arranged schedule. Each tour will have a maximum of 4 people per group, who will be guided by one leasing agent for a total of 5 people. Tours will be booked 10 minutes apart and will each run for 35 minutes, and you will view each layout and the gym for roughly 6 minutes each.  There will be dedicated application agents in the lobby afterwards too, so if you're wanting to apply we can make it happen safely on-site!
We will have sanitizing stations and masks available on site and we ask that all attendees wear their masks throughout the full duration of the event; our staff will ensure to do the same. We will also do a Covid questionnaire prior to starting your tour. 

Now, with all that out of the way... please find the booking link below! Once you have selected your time, it is important to note that there will not be any flexibility on changing your tour time. In other words, your booking will be finalized once selected.  If more than 1 person is in your party please send an email to noting this and we'll set the groups accordingly.  Please note though that in an effort to get everyone through the building, a maximum of 2 people per household are able to attend. Again, these seemingly strict rules are all in an effort to make this event fun but also safe – there has been incredibly high demand for this building so we want to show it off (!), but we do need to be safe in how we go about that.

Thank you all in advance for your cooperation and interest. This is going to be a ton of fun but we do need to be very mindful of everyone's safety and limiting the spread of Covid-19, and we're very proud to have put a plan together that makes all of this possible.
We will be sending out further details and information as we move closer, but please don't hesitate to call/email Will Rossall, Director of Leasing, with any questions or concerns.  Thank you all again for your early and continued interest.  It is very much appreciated, and we cannot wait to show you all this special building soon!